Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big for Nothing Haynesworth

By Wally aka Waleo

If you have been a regular on our podcast Urban Sports Scene you would know that I have been an Albert Haynesworth supporter. I’ve been touting the Allen Iverson line, “we talking about voluntary camp minicamp, not the game or mandatory events but “voluntary camps.” He missed voluntary minicamp but he stated that he would come for the mandatory sessions. Mandatory minicamp has rolled around and now “Big for Nothing” Haynesworth is nowhere to be found. Man as a Washington Redskins fan, I’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and made a fool, we landed the “Big for Nothing” which the Redskins signed a year ago and he’s now trying to screw us like one of his stripper friends (but at least he paid her back). I just can’t believe that he’s flaking over playing nose tackle. Matter of fact I’ve heard that he would be playing a lot of defensive end. “Big for Nothing” you owe us Redskins fans more than this. Last year we saw the “Big for Nothing” get hurt on every play rocking an oxygen mask. It just seems like the “Big for Nothing” complains about everything. Last season it was Greg Blache not using him correctly and now this. “Big For Nothing”, I know a hustler when I see one and you are the biggest soft spoken fraud that I’ve ever seen.

Let’s be real this dude doesn’t want to win. He just wants to satisfy his ego. In his “Big for Nothing” statement he said, “After many years in the NFL, I know what it takes for me to perform at my highest level. My number one goal has always been to help my team win -period.” Really?? Didn’t he leave a Tennessee Titan team that was 13-3 and competed for a Superbowl bid to join the Redskins? He isn’t about winning, he’s all about himself. London Fletch was right; “Big for Nothing” is selfish. Haynesworth go ask to be traded, you ain’t going nowhere. If I was Daniel Synder, I’d let him sit out the whole season if Haynesworth played that card. Or if he decided to comeback and half-ass it I would let him sit all year. And I wouldn’t just do it for one year; I would do it for multiple years till the “Big for Nothing” is washed up and useless then I would cut his butt.

The Redskins are trying to build a championship team under Coach Shanahan. They are not trying to be in a 4-12 environment anymore. So if the “Big for Nothing isn’t on board then it’s time for him to get that DNP and waste his paycheck at Ervings (D.C. Metropolitan area strip club).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Honey, Breast, Thighs, Legs! After hearing this are you feeling hungry or horny? If your Albert Haynesworth your probably both LOL. Anyway what I'm getting at is what's the deal with athletes, particularly football players and strip clubs. However allow me to make an admission, I Ray Rogers have been to a strip club in the past. The difference is I do not have guaranteed millions in the bank and am not on television. I no longer go to strip clubs and do not support them, but if these guys are going to engage in that why not bring the party to you whether in your mansion or hotel suite. Now will this fully prevent negative situations from taking place? No, but I believe it could significantly lessen the chances. I know, I know, Albert Buttersworth would still have gotten a chick pregnant at home. However Pacman would not be involved in an incident that paralyzed a bouncer and Vince Young would not have tried to hurt that irritant. I just don't get it! Blessed with so much, but make the dumbest decisions. I think there is a deal in the works to send Ben Roethlisberger to the Titans. I can see it now Remember the Titans XXX "BACK SIDE, STRONG SIDE" LOL. Although this takes on more the role of varsity blues. Exactly VARSITY,this is what boys do, not men. Goodell has tried to make an example out of Pacman, but the strip club pub (publicity) continues to negatively impact the NFL. I'm waiting for Myron Rolle (the rhodes scholar) to get caught up "makin it rain" although he'll probably be smart enough to write it off on taxes. Enough joking though lets state a fact: athletes particularly Titans both current and former have some maturing to do. Add in Steve Mcnair (RIP)and it really sheds negative light on that franchise. Without just beating up on Tennessee, it's even more clear that millionaire athletes feel entitled or invincible and normal rules don't apply to them. While trying to generalize this it appears that the NFL has had the most news of this nature out of all major sports. I mean what's worse steroids or strippers? In my opinion pro athletes need to be treated as close as possible to REAL employees. They need to learn real lessons. Vince Young said he prays he's not suspended. HA, boy you need to pray for forgiveness. He went onto mention how the team wants to focus on making the super bowl in Dallas where the infamous strip club resides. Lol he doesn't sound remorseful to me at all. The XXXFL (formerly NFL) however knows that stadiums and bars will be packed and millions will watch from home in spite of this. That's why in my opinion this behavior will continue and possibly get worse. Ray Rogers
PS: Vince Mcmahon just faxed his application for commissioner. Big Ben vs Triple H for the HARDcore championship lol, that's dirty! Sorry

Friday, June 11, 2010

More than just coaches

Reecently the question was asked "Why can't people just go and get paid?" This in reference to coaches and players who are offered more money to change venues. However with all the tributes to John Wooden recently and in seeing a tearful Derrick Nix saying he doesn't want Coach Izzo to leave it makes me further ponder how important life is than just money. I personally said I would leave Michigan State if I were Izzo I mean it is a 3 million dollar raise (who wouldn't want that). However a few shows ago I was the person advocating that coaches need to be honest to families and fulfill the commitment they promised unlike Lane Kiffen. So where do we go from here? Should Izzo stay or should he go? I truly do not have the answer. Part of me says SHOW ME THE MONEY! and the other part of me sees that young man's face weeping because he wants his coach to stay. You see a Derrick Nix, Bill Walton, and a Kareem Abdul Jabar crying about their coaches. I never cried about any of my bleeping coaches (I cried about playing time lol), but anyway this shows how much these guys really mean to the players beyond the game. I feel like the well being of young men at times depends on their coach. I remember Keith Van Horn experiencing a tragedy, I believe it was the death of his dad and Coach Rick Majerus broke the news to him because Van Horn's mom felt that he was more appropriate to tell him. Again another example of how these men are not only coaches, but father figures, friends, counselor's, and mentors. I still feel torn, but I think that if Izzo decides to stay I would be more at ease than if he takes the Cavs job. What would you do if you were Izzo? Leave young men who depend on and trust you, leave a community who supports you or go and get paid, achieve higher success, and work with some of the greatest athletes in the world, potentially the most gifted player in NBA history. We all know that change isn't always easy, but with so many who depend on you I think that makes this possible change even tougher. The student's of MSU held a rally for Izzo yesterday, in all that I said I didn't even mention the student body he would leave behind. WOW these men are really more than just coaches. So I ask again if your Tom Izzo what would you do? Ray Rogers
PS: I know that Izzo would not have the same job security in the NBA, but let's be real he will always have a job somewhere as long as he has the desire to coach.

Could the NHL be coming back?

I know this isn’t the most popular topic out there but did anybody watch the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Flyers? We’ll somebody did. The NHL struck gold in terms of ratings. They had two big markets fighting for Lord Stanley’s cup. The Blackhawks' game six 4-3 overtime victory earned them their first championship since 1961 and drew a 4.7 rating and 8 share Wednesday night on NBC. Now the big question is—will this put the NHL back in the major sports league market?

Well the answer to that is yes. Now before I continue, let me honestly tell you that I don’t care for hockey anymore. The last time I watched a hockey season thoroughly was when my favorite team the Washington Capitals had players like Peter Bondra, Kelly Miller, Cote, and Dale Hunter leading the charge. I might have distance myself from the game but I and many others can’t deny the recent success of the NHL. Hockey is making a comeback. With the injection of Crosby and Ovechkin, the USA Hockey team almost winning the gold, and now a great rated NHL Stanley Cup Final, the NHL is now poised to make some serious noise again.

From what I do know about hockey this year’s Stanley Cup Champions are young and prime to be perennial champions. The Blackhawks have young good players all around the board such as Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Ducan Keith. Things are bright for the NHL. All they need is an Eastern Conference Final between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins Ovechkin vs. Crosby in a game 7. The winner goes to the Stanley Cup final to play the Blackhawks. Once that goes down the NHL will back on ESPN LOL. Congrats Commissioner Gary Bettman your league is on the come up!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Bye Junior

Wally Aka Waleo

I remember growing up watching baseball on WDCA (local TV broadcast station) or HTS (local cable sports stations). Being a Baltimore Orioles fan, my favorite player was Cal Ripken, which I thought was the best player during that time until I saw the Kid. I caught a game with Ken Griffey Jr and the Seattle Mariner played against the O’s on TV and thought to myself that this baseball player had this swagger and grace about him that was unparalleled. For many youngsters, especially kids in the inner cities, Griffey’s image brought coolness to baseball.

In my neighborhood, we didn’t look at it as showing a pitcher up when a batter hit a homerun and pimped to first. I thought Griffiey’s homerun struck to first was the coolest thing. Hell as a kid I would practice my fake Junior homerun walk. Or even seeing him roam centerfield and rob multiple homeruns with leaping grabs. Then he would look back rocking a smile, basically saying I got you. Junior surpassed my admiration for Cal and was now that player that I related to. Griffey, in my opinion, was the last of a dying breed in baseball. A lot of kids wanted to be like the kid. He had a shoe deal with Nike, which I made sure I copped frequently. At the time he was baseball’s poster child. We are talking about a black player getting endorsed hard by Major League Baseball. I know folks now a days are saying “stop playing”. Yep, seriously! Like many people I feel bad for the Kid because we all know if he didn’t get hurt he would have Hank Aaron’s homerun record of 755, or he would already be a World Series Champion. But Junior as one of your all-time favorite fans I believe you have nothing to be ashamed of. Your career to me is still best career in my era!

The kid has 630 homeruns, he’s a 13-time All-Star, 10-time gold glover, 11-time silver slugger, three-time home run derby winner, and he has a MVP trophy. Wow that’s a lot of accomplishments. But most importantly in an era where African Americans played basketball and football, Junior made it cool to play baseball. So to the Kid, rock that hat backwards and ride off to the sunset because to many people you are still the best baseball player that we have ever seen!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phil Jackson's Replacement

What would Phil Jackson's motivation be to continue coaching after this year? Jeanie Buss? Yeah right! sometimes I think she is with him just to keep him coaching LA and we wonder why he has severe back pain LOL homegirl wears him out. Anyway tomorrow Phil will begin coaching in his thirteenth nba championship, has plenty of money, and nothing else to prove, I mean let's face it he's the greatest! I'm thinking that Phil should ride off into the sunset win or lose to Boston. Which brings me to the question who will be his replacement. (Drum Roll) And the replacement is Byron Scott! Think about it he's a former laker that has championship experience as both a player and coach and unlike Phil he was actually a decent player. This would more than likely be his easiest job yet because the team is already built for success! When Scott arrived in Jersey the team was coming off a 31-51 season and by his third year they were in the championship. If not for Jason Kidd allegedly running him outta there they may have went on to actually win a ring. In New Orleans he went on to be coach of the year in 2008. In my opinion he wasn't treated fairly in NO as evidenced by there being a fire byron scott website which appeared to influence the decision of management. Scott has proven to be an efficient offensive coach (check the stats) and was a huge part of Chris Paul's development who by the way did not want Scott to be fired. Don't get me wrong though there are some knocks on Scott which include his inability to make in game adjustments along with inconsistency. However let me say again the Lakers are built to win now! If I were the Lakers I would start looking into replacements prior to the end of this postseason. The last thing LA needs is for Phil to retire and they have no plan B. And did I mention the Lakers at one point hired Kurt Rambis for crying out loud!! There are rumors coming outta Cleveland that Scott is a possibility there, so again LA better be thinking. Tune in each and every week to the Urban Sports Scene! Ray Rogers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Greivis Vasquez is just as important as John Wall

We all know that Wall Street will no longer be in New York come June 24th when the Wizards hopefully (THEY BETTER) take John Wall with the #1 overall pick. Wall being a Wizard will definitely create excitement, boost moral, and vastly increase ticket sales. Outside of drafting Wall the Wizards have the 30th and 35th pick and if you want to go from a huge increase in ticket sales to sellouts they have to use one of those two picks on Greivis Vasquez. Not only will you have Maryland's fan base excited (remember Juan Dixon)you will also get a solid player that brings size and shooting which are dimensions John Wall cannot provide. Hopefully Wall develops a good jump shot at some point or else will be watching Rondo Jr. for the next ten years and while I LOVE Rondo that would not be exciting to watch. However my point being is that not only does drafting Greivis help you financially, it's also an almost perfect back up scenerio to Wall street (I love that!)If there is a Wall street to be named in D.C I should be owed some commission! So I'm not filing a grievance here I'm filing a Greivis LOL. PS: Greivis just worked out for the Wiz yesterday so this plan is ready to take action. Although in the DC area it's all about Strasburg right now GO NATS! The people actually care about baseball now! LOL and dont forget to tune into that urban sports scene each and every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ray Rogers