Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is this the time for transition, NFL to NBA?

by Ray

THE TIME HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!! Another blog post by the Urban Sports Scene. So much has happened since the last blog, I mean Halloween and Thanksgiving came and went, the Giants won the World Series, the Redskins were topping the NFC east, and each and every fantasy football owner had a shot at the playoffs lol (it's over now). For those of you who follow the show, my man Will T was 30 pounds heavier (just scroll above, he's the big one in the middle). Congrats by the way my dude on losing them pounds. I guess we need a new picture now lol.

Anyway it's time to get down to business. Currently most folks know the fate of the NFL team they root for, the Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings amongst others have no shot at the playoffs. And again most of us have been eliminated from our fantasy football leagues (although I do have a championship game this weekend :-). So my question is do we now turn the majority of our attention to the NBA? Me personally I'm a Falcons fan so I have a lot to look forward to (hopefully), but it's close to Christmas and it's a time where the NBA starts to shine a bit. A question for debate could be isn't the Heat vs Lakers more intriguing than watching the Lions get blitzed? I know I'm comparing holiday games or whatever, but it is my belief that this is truly the time where attention or momentum switches to the NBA. Maybe story lines can be compared: Amare reviving a historic franchise, the new "big 3" streaking, the elderly spurs re surging versus Favre, Favre, Favre, Favre. Don't get me wrong I know Vick may be a good story along with Arian Foster I guess, but to be real Favre along with Brady and Belichick dominate the NFL headlines as usual.

In closing I've always been a bigger fan of the NFL. However I've always felt that if your 70 % into football, 30% NBA prior to Christmas, after Christmas your at least 50/50. Like I said before pictures are getting clearer in the NFL playoff race so it's not bad timing at all. Additionally, although I'm a bigger fan of the NFL (like a lot of folks) I will go out on a limb and say the "Big 3" in Miami is a much bigger story or carries a bigger story line than anything going on in football. Yes, even more than Vick's comeback or my beloved Falcons. Only thing in my mind that could trump the Lebron, Wade, and Bosh thing is Vick returning to ATL for the NFC championship. If that were to happen it's evident who's side I would be on, but like 99 % of Falcons fans I would be nervous. Lastly none of us adults get gifts anyway so the Lakers vs Heat will serve that purpose (Christmas Sucks!).

PS: Most of us can play basketball indoor or outdoor, 55 yrs of age or 10 years of age, but if your playing football at 55 big ups to ya! However I've never seen middle age guys at the Y playing football. On the other hand every time I step on the court there's old man wit goggles or wearing an inappropriate sweat suit trying to hoop, it' hilarious. Any of us can watch the NBA and next minute be in the gym trying to emulate what we just saw, outside of dunks lol. Maybe basketball is just more relateable.


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