Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bring Larry Brown to DC

Finally the Washington Wizards fired head coach Flip Saunders who went 2-15 this season and in 3 seasons went 51-130. I don’t know what took the Wizards higher ups so long to fire the guy. This should have been done weeks ago. I’m not blaming Flip but he definitely wasn’t the guy to coach these characters and interim coach Randy Whittman is not the right man in the long run. That’s why I have a suggestion for Wizards owner Ted Leonsis on a head coach.

The Wizards need a coach who will teach them to play basketball the right way and that coach’s name is Larry Brown. Brown officially stepped down while coaching the Charlotte Bobcats in 2010 but the season coach Brown took the woeful Bobcats to the playoffs as an 8th seed. That playoff appearance was a first for that organization. If you didn’t’ know, that is what Coach Brown does. He revives teams and gives them hope. He took the Los Angeles Clippers to the playoffs in 92-93, and we all know that the Clippers are perennial losers. Back then before Brown coached the Clippers they were the ultimate losing organization. Hmmm, well this season that has changed thanks to Black Griffin and Chris Paul, but before them it was status quo. If that’s not good enough he also charged the resurgence of the Indiana Pacers in the Mid 90’s. The season before Brown got to Indiana they were an 8th seed and were eliminated by the Knicks in the first round. During Brown’s tenure the Pacers improved tremendously. In the mid 90’s Brown guided the Pacers in epic battles with the Knicks and a spot in the Eastern Conference Champions series against the Orlando Magic in 94-95. Brown helped put the Pacers on the map and made them relevant. Now I could mention how he brought a championship to the Detroit Pistons in his first season with the team (2003-2004) but you already knew that. The Pistons haven’t reached or won the finals since the Bad Boy years. Coach Brown is a leader and winner and the Wizards if they act right can bring this hall of fame coach to town. Hell if the sorry Bobcats can land Brown I think the Wizards have a shot.

By looking at what Brown has done in the past, proves to me that he is the man for the Wizards job. He can revive this organization, team and city. Now how can he do that? The first thing he do is push John Wall (starting PG) like he did Allen Iverson. Remember, Brown helped Iverson win an MVP and got the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals in 2000. Wall is very talented but he has been surrounded with non motivated teammates. Brown would push Wall hard but in the long run he would get the best out of him. Secondly, Coach Brown wouldn’t allow people like Andray Blatche (starting PF) and JaVale McGee (starting Center) to get away with playing reckless in games. It would definitely be his way or the highway. He is like Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers. He expects a level of respect and perfection, which this team needs badly. In my opinion, he would tell McGee if you want the ball in the post show it in practice. And what I mean by that is show the coach that you have an effective post game to display in games. As for Blatche, he would address his desire to be a two guard in the post. If you’ve watched Blatche in games like me, you would know that he tends to over dribble while in the post. It’s very annoying. I’m not going to lie; I’m not a fan of Blatche. I’m happy most of the Wizards fans are seeing what I’ve seen for years by booing the dude. I’m just saying; now let me continue with my Brown campaign. Lastly, Brown would reward hard workers and will give players roles. Look at what he did back in the day with the Davis Boys in Indiana, Ben Wallace with the Pistons, and George Lynch, Eric Snow, and Aaron Mckie with the 76ers. On this team he would reward people like Trevor Booker (reserved PF), Chris Singleton (starting SF), and Shelvin Mack (reserve PG). Under Brown they would have particular roles on this team. Booker would probably be a rebounding guy who can do all the dirty work and would get more minutes if Brown was the coach. Hell he would probably start. Singleton would be the defender and knock down open shots. Shelvin Mack would be the backup PG for the second unit. He would also give McGee a Tyson Chandler like role. That would be rebounding, blocking shots, and running the floor. You wouldn’t see any post plays designed for him unless McGee truly has improved in his post game. Wizards need Brown and he is out there and available. It’s all on Leonsis to open his wallet.

This team needs structure and Coach Brown would bring it. They have been playing bad basketball every since Eddie Jordan was fired in 2008. It’s time to bring good ball back to DC. So let’s sign a petition to bring Larry Brown to DC. To sign this petition just comment below and say we want more Brown in the DMV. LOL

By Wally

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Friday, January 20, 2012

NFL Divsional Games Recap and NFL Championship Sunday Preview

Well it has been an interesting time for the Urban Sports Scene. We will now have our shows featured on the Eyes Radio internet radio station. It has been a long journey but finally we have made strides and we would like to thank everybody for their support. Now let’s discuss our picks. Below are last week’s NFL Divisional playoff games picks. And as you see we all finished 3-1. We should pat each other on the back especially me (Wally). I’m patting myself right now as I am typing each sentence.

Saints vs. Niners ( Will picked Saints, Ray and Wally: Niners)
Broncos vs. Patriots (All picked Patriots)
Texans vs. Ravens (All picked Ravens)
Giants vs. Packers (Ray and Wally: Picked Packers, Will: Giants)

If you would like to hear our analysis of the games, check out our podcast below and make sure you listen at the 10 min: 30sec mark. Before I go into our picks for Championship Sunday I want to say thank you Tom Brady aka Batman for taking out the Joker aka Tim Tebow. This was much appreciated. He can fool the media and fools but he is not tricking me. He is no QB!!!!! Now let’s examine out current picks for this Sunday.

Ravens vs. Patriots (Will and Wally picked: Ravens, Ray: Patriots)
Giants vs. Niners (Will and Wally picked: Niners and Ray picked: Giants)

Again I’m not going to be redundant so click on episode 88 above and fast forward to the 36:15 mark to listen to our reasons for who we picked. If you are gambling on these games you should go with Will who had the best record amongst us all. In the USS we trust. We will have featured blogs in upcoming weeks. If you have any suggestions or ideas just email us at We believe in being interactive. Thanks for checking us out!