Friday, July 30, 2010

What makes Brett Favre so Different?

By Waleo

Is it me or does Brett Favre receive special treatment when it comes to perception professionalism? Honestly what makes him different from players like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco Johnson? Is it because he has one Superbowl ring? You know the one Desmond Howard got for him when with Howard’s Superbowl MVP performance against the New England Patriots scoring on a 99 yard kickoff return touchdown. Hmmm maybe, but when I see Brett Favre I see a guy who is no different than the so called “me guys.”

Why do you say? Well I’m glad to answer that question. To me, not a damn thing! The man is an attention hungry whore, just like Ochocinco and T.O. The difference is that during the offseason Ochocinco and T.O. are working hard. Please don’t let VH1 fool you they get their workouts in during the offseason. Favre acts like he’s going to retire every year just to miss training camp which is so juvenile. And now this year, he pushed back his surgery just so he could miss training camp. It’s ridiculous. Yeah I said it. He did it on purpose! Of course, if I was Adrian Peterson I would be pissed. AP is the real superstar of the team. He made Favre look good last year because AP was seeing eight or nine in the box. Favre saw man to man coverage all day. Instead of skipping training camp he should be working along side of AP trying to make his rapport with offense even better than it was last season.

Honestly could you see, Warren Moon, John Elway, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Randall Cunningham, Tom Brady, Donavan McNabb or even Peyton Manning pull this stunt consistently? Elway, Montana, and Marino, arguably the three best quarterbacks to ever play the game, played into their late 30’s and never pulled this crap. What makes Favre different from them? Is it because he’s a gunslinger or him patting teammates on the butt? Peyton Manning thrives for perfection and is everything you want in quarterback. He is always in training camp early, and he’s always prepared for anything. He is the best QB in the game. If the best QB in the game can attend training camp then I think Favre could try it. He uses to do it. I don’t want to hear age playing a role. Warren Moon took part in training camp and he played while he was 40. Joe Montana played for a while and he took a beating for years, but he would attend training camp. Let’s be real, Favre is a QB it’s not like he’s a running back where he is getting hit every play (especially playing for the Minnesota Vikings good O-Line). I’ve always learned in life that nobody is better than the next man or person. God created everyone equally. So what makes Favre better than most folks and why does it seem that he is untouchable to the media?

I know players like T.O and Ochocinco are thinking to themselves “man this dude skips camp and hijacks the media, and he gets so much love doing it but when we talk trash or dance in the endzone we are looked as me guys.” Come on now, T.O was loved by many of his teammates but he is depicted as a divider in the locker room. I find that kind of funny if you think about it. A guy who is liked in the locker room is a divider. LOL! It’s funny just writing it. Sure he doesn’t get along with quarterbacks, but Brett Favre has his list of detractors as well. Let me list a few, former teammate Thomas Jones, who couldn’t stand Favre’s interception ways, Green Bay General Manager Ted Thompson, who finally decided to take a stand and not buy into the Favre retirement hype, and Aaron Rodgers whom Favre said that he wouldn’t even groom to replace him while in Green Bay. He’s such a great guy that ESPN supports him.

I mean when he has ESPN on his side, man he can’t lose. But let T.O, Ochocino, or even a Randy Moss make a Favre move, I’m telling you the media outlets like ESPN would vilify them. Could you imagine if Randy Moss used retirement just to skip training camp? ESPN’s analyst would try to burry Moss. We are talking about one of the best WR to ever play the game. I have a message for ESPN, “I and many other people do not care if Favre is throwing footballs to kids in Mississippi or care if he is riding his tractor or whatever. You are better off re-airing the “Decision”. At least when Lebron made his “Decision” it was a mystery. With Favre, everybody knows the outcome already. He loves the attention. He is the ultimate me guy!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kevin Garnett made Lebron's decision

I disagree with the strong sediment that Lebron made his decision following the 2008 Olympics. I really believe that at the time he felt he would win a championship in Cleveland. Anyway after the Cavs were eliminated by Boston this past season Lebron and KG had a conversation. It was right after game 6 and KG elaborated on that conversation during his press conference. When asked KG said "I told him I've been there before" Garnett said later that looking back on his career he would have done a lot of things differently.

And one of those things was to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves a lot sooner than he did. KG also talked loyalty in addition to saying that Lebron could stay in Cleveland and deal with the limitations of a smaller market and somewhat inferior franchise, or make a move now while he is still young enough to establish a tradition with a new team. One quick question I have is: How do you interpret KG's comments? My interpretation of that would have landed me in NY with Amare. You get another superstar in a major market (if not the biggest) along with rich tradition. Lebron appeared to take KG's advice, but in my opinion in the wrong context. Lebron basically did what KG did and joined two other superstars, but at the younger age KG wished he would've done it at.

The difference between KG and Lebron is one appears to be concerned about legacy and the other doesn't. KG took sir Charles's advice and stuck it out in "sota" trying to cement his own legacy while Lebron is saying the heck with my legacy I want to win. I personally don't have a problem with Lebron doing this and feel like Barkley is "hatin" to a degree. How will this impact Lebron's legacy has yet to be determined and may not be determined for years to come. However the fact is that an asterisk will always be on his legacy no matter what. Because if he wins 8 titles it will always be noted that he did it with Wade and Bosh. If he wins 1 title the whole thing could be considered a "failure".

Now let me say I do think that KG's advice was the most valuable over anyone else's including MJ or Barkley. While MJ did have to wait for the situation in Chicago to build such as what Lebron was trying to do in Cleveland, I feel like this is a new day and age plus Lebron had much higher expectations than even MJ. MJ wasn't on the cover of SI in high school and wasn't the genetic freak that Lebron is. Lebron also had the puppet promotions that were aimed to build up a championship matchup with Kobe that would never happen. On the other hand if he went to NY he may have ended up like Barkley in Phoenix, different city, still the man, but NO TITLE. KG went to Boston and achieved what Karl Malone and Sir Charles tried but didn't. Please let's end the speculation that this was a long term plan and recognize that Lebron took some worthy advice. Now he may achieve multiple titles at a young age, which is what KG wishes he would've done. Ray Rogers


PS: I'm aware that Lebron and KG only exchanged words briefly while shaking hands after the game and most of KG's thoughts came during the presser. That's just for you nay sayers that will disagree and say they never really spoke. Also look out for Will T's weekly blogs LOL Love ya man!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Player benefits from the Three Kings signing

By Waleo

Now a lot of people are excited because of the signing of Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade to the Heat, but there is one player that isn't on the roster anymore that I'm really excited for and that is Michael Beasley. The former second pick in the 2008 NBA Draft was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. In my opinion Beasley was never given a chance to succeed with the Miami Heat. Playing with Wade was hard for the Washinton DC Metropolian native. Wade never gave Beasley a chance to shine in Miami. If Wade wanted Beasley to truly succeed I think Beasley would have did his thing in Miami. Wade is a great player but who has he made better? I'm waiting! And it is not Beasley. But Wade doesn't deserve all of the credit for this, some of that goes to Coach Erik Spoelstra.

I watched a lot of Miami Heat games and Coach Spoelstra made Michael Beasley look one dimensional. He made him only a jump shooter. He had him at the free throw line for the majority of plays. We are talking about a guy in college, who led the nation in scoring in his first and only season at Kansas State University (KSU). The man averaged a double-double at KSU. Michael Beasley did his thing inside and out. So you are telling me that Coach Spoelstra could only utilize Beasley as a jumpshooter only? Give me a break. How do you have a power forward on the outside of the perimeter during the duration of a basketball game? Beasley is not Dirk Nowitzki. He doesn't just shoot jumpshots. He is good post player, he can face up and drive, and he can shoot from the outside. Spoelstra never featured Beasley at all. He didn't even feature Beasley when Wade sat on the bench for a breather. Now to prove my point I have a couple of numbers to add to my point. High scorers typically put up about 20 shot attempts per game. Beasley only averaged about 13 shot attempts and still average 14.8 points a game last year. So with his average 29minutes, Beasley would score 15 points on 13 shots and people are coming out of their mouths calling Beasley a bust. I beg to differ. It was Beasley not getting a fair shake in Miami. I'm just happy that now this guy will have the opportunity to do some special things in Minnesota along side a young and up and coming team.

Now Beasley will have the same opportunity that Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Brook Lopez, and many more rookies who came out in 2008 have had and that is being on a young team with the chance to grow. Beasley will have a coach and team that believes in his ability and not a coach who likes being one of "Wade's friends." The young nucleus of this team consist of Jonny Flynn, Corey Brewer, Martell Webster, Wesley Johnson, Kevin Love, and now Michael Beasley. I would have included Al Jefferson but rumor has it that with the signing of Beasley Minnesota will try to trade him. The organization has already shown Beasley more respect than Miami, just with the trade rumors with Jefferson alone. Beasley will get to showcase his game. The same game many people saw here in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia), and KSU. Even President of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley and team owner Mickey Arison know that they may regret this move. "Whatever happens, I would hate, two or three years from now -- and Micky and I talked about this -- I know I'm going to probably regret it when he gets 29 (points) and 19 (rebounds) on us one night," Riley said. He added by saying "he's really a gifted kid." When Beasley gets multiple double-doubles I want to thank the three kings for making it happen because without this madness we may have labeled the soon to be Allstar Power foward a bust. Thanks again Three Kings especially you Wade!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you surprised?

Lebron as you all know is a member of the Heat. Surprised? Not me, I mean didn't the Rick Ross impersonation give it away? Lol, I will say this though, Lebron is not Kobe or MJ. Because that man said a championship team is built with players, management, and the JANITOR! HA HA the only sweep that matters is when you put a team out the playoffs 4-0. Maybe Quicken Loans arena's janitor will leave with him lol. The janitor will probably say "I mean it's less steps in Miami and I may not get a lead janitor role anywhere else". Now all custodians in Cleveland are "mopping mad" lol. But seriously are we surprised, again NO it's Lebron were talking about. Everything with him is so dramatic. He gets "dunked on" at a camp and it's a headline AFTER he's already been eliminated from the playoffs. I do want to ask this question though: Will this be a trend now? Will the Cluck U chicken worker announce their plan to leave and go to KFC or Popeye's on national TV lol. To be real I hope this is the last spectacle of this magnitude. I did watch, but I'm saying what if Lebron tears his ACL (God forbid) in practice? It would make this whole event appear to be a waste of time. On the flipside they could win the championship or several championships. Again no matter what the outcome I won't be surprised. However the NBA is back and could now challenge the NFL for the # 1 spot in terms of popularity. Now that does surprise me. Ray Rogers

PS: (There is always a PS with me) Everywhere the heat goes will be a sellout, an event, and/or a Hollywood social gathering. This will make Strasburg look like that local rap artist who opens up for Jay Z when fans have not yet arrived. Lastly there are so many angles to this story: where does Cleveland go from here, how do the Knicks feel, etc. However I choose not to take it that far because believe me this is just one of 10 million blogs, articles, tweets, and comments regarding the "KING". I wish Lebron the best. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THAT URBAN SPORTS SCENE EACH AND EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loyalty for What?

By Fish

Now that we know Lebron James is going to be playing in Miami next season, the city of Cleveland and the owner of the cavaliers are already in line taking major shots at Lebron over loyalty. Are you serious? What loyalty does Lebron owe this city? The last I checked Lebron is from Akron. He owes Cleveland nothing! Me personal, I’m from District Heights and I currently reside in Bowie. I don’t owe Forestville and Capitol Heights S*%#! This is a business move. The best way for one's feelings not to get hurt is to not develop them when it comes to sports. Guess what Cleveland? Lebron James is not the first superstar to leave his team for another team, and he won’t be the last. I know Cleveland is a broke city, so if they didn’t know that money and winning makes the world go round then Cleveland has been at a stand still for a long time!

Lebron get your championship and money, because the city and owner showed their true feelings when you made the decision to leave!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


By Fish

Why have we lowered our standards for players being drafted into the NBA? Every year we hear of players with this so-called ''Potential''. It's wild how players who struggle to produce in College or in Over seas leagues are looked at as NBA prospects .We use age and experience as a crutch for us to believe that they can really play. The old saying in basketball has always been ''You can't teach height''. You may not be able to teach height,that still doesn't stop a player from producing on a court.Talent will always show over potential, from shooting a ball to rebounding. You don't need potential to do these, you either can or cannot! In the end when your favorite team is drafting a guy with a ''Potential'' label, chances are he will never produce anything for your squad!

Does Talent Outweigh Character?

I have some questions. Is Michael Vick in the same class or category as Clarrett, Lawrence Phillips, and Rae Carruth in terms of off the field life ruining a career? Does off the field issues really matter at the end of the day? Who would you take right now, Tim Tebow or Michael Vick? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 70% of people will take Vick (The other 30% are pro life republicans who are in strip clubs ala Vince Young and Adam Jones). While I'm joking these are serious questions to ask ourselves. Let's start by tackling the first question. Most would say Rae Carruth is in a category all by himself because he killed a pregnant woman and Vick ONLY killed dogs. However "thou shall not kill" does not just apply to humans killing humans. With that being said though maybe he's not in the same class as Carruth. However he is in the same class as Clarrett and Phillips being repeat offenders of poor judgement, but the BIGGEST difference is talent. Vick is and was a rarity and in my opinion this is why he's still employed, screw this as being a "second chance". Watch Plaxico come out of prison with no opportunity in the NFL. Don't get me wrong he is talented, but not that rare Randy Moss, Lebron James talent. So is the NFL hypocrites or should they be commended for giving second chances? In my opinion the NFL and sports media fall in the hypocrite category. Denver has been bashed for waisting a draft pick on Tebow a "good guy" with average talent, but slobber over questionable character guys who excel on the field. I know you need to have talent to play in the league and it's understood that all people can change, but playing in the NFL is a privilege. To be honest, the league didn't miss a beat without Vick and hasn't missed a beat without Burress. So why the second chance? You tell me!!! Ray Rogers

PS: Mike Vick rubberband man was in 2003, that life is over. If you really found God you got to make better choices because God gave you that RARE talent. I'm aware Stallworth has been given a second chance, but Stallworth had no issues prior to that unfortunate incident unlike Burress and Vick. Santonio Holmes, Cedric Benson and many other privileged athletes need to take note.

The Wait Is Over!!!!

By Will T

It is finally here the most anticapted day since Y2K!!! This is the day that we have all been waiting for! Myself more than other, Thursday 12:01 am has come and gone and what do we know? NOTHING to our knowledge, I don't know why we as fans continue to speculate and come up with dream scenarios where the best players in the game (ie LeBron, Wade, and Bosh) would possibly leave millions on the table to play together. Oh, I know why because talking heads like us (The Urban Sports Scene) continue to fuel the fire by blogging and talking about this issue on sports talk radio. The truth is to me the biggest day for NBA free agency is July 8th when a player is actually able to put pen to paper. As we have seen in the past a player can vow to sign with a team but quickly change his mind (does Carlos Boozer to Utah help jog your memeory). So us as fans need to bring down some of our enthusaiam until your favorite player ACTUALLY SIGNS THE CONTRACT! I understand everyones excitement about July 1st this is the day that we have all been waiting for, I am particular excited about July 1st for a different reason. I woke up at 12:01 for a totally different reason July 1st is the date of my sons birthday. Happy Birthday Jonathan daddy loves you!!