Thursday, August 27, 2015

All I Need is One Ring


The USS Blogger

Let’s begin by giving a shout out to the great Nas, whose classic record inspired the title of this blog. Now, on to the important part! This recent twitter war between Draymond Green and Hassan Whiteside (if you haven’t heard, google it) further triggered the thought, how valuable is one championship ring for a professional athlete? From a player perspective, I wish I was a professional athlete on a championship team, but from a fan’s POV, who would I rather be? Karl Malone and Charles Barkley or Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Tayshaun Prince? Both Big Baby and Prince have one ring, but not great. In comparison to Barkley and Malone who don't have rings. Need I say more. However, here is Green (whom I’ve supported BTW), the fifth best player on the Golden State Warriors exuding swagger in extreme excess. Checkout his closing argument?!?! He has a picture of himself, STEPH, and rings.

Now, here on the USS we often question if greatness should be classified for guys like Drew Brees who only has one ring. Basically, if you're not guys such as Peyton Manning, Clyde Drexler, or maybe Brett Favre, one ring does not warrant an anointing of greatness. Call us ignorant, but it is what it is. Before you argue though ponder this question: Do role players have the right to conduct themselves as stars? From a fan’s perspective, wouldn’t you take Allen Iverson over Jason Terry? We see this time and time again in the age of social media where guys like Tyronn Lue trash talk Iverson on twitter about their championship ring. I feel as though it is the responsibility of fans and the media to classify greatness. We do everything else, voting for the all star games, Hall of Fame, college top 25 to name a few. So players cannot complain because we, the fans and media, also are a driving force into the success of professional sports. I understand that we as people need to have the utmost confidence in ourselves and players feel that they are the best, look at Robert Griffin III smh. However, when impulsive in anointing greatness, you end up with Rajon Rondo. My advice to current professional athletes is nothing new, just allow your play or production to do the talking.

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