Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rondo being overrated?

Wally A aka Waleo from the Urban Sports Scene

Yesterday I caught the Magic/Celtics game (game 5) and saw how Jameer Nelson took it to Rondo and the Celtics. Now let me say this off the bat that I am on the side of the Boston Celtics but I am not a Rondo fan. I am in the minority with this one and I accept it. My partners in crime think Rondo is a special point guard. I think he's a good point guard playing with future hall of famers. Do you think Rondo will perform the same way when the Big Three ride into the sunset. To quote Homie the Clown "I don't think so" the NBA won't play that. Now I acknowledge that Rondo has improved but really a point guard with a center/power forward jumpshot???? Come on give me a break. Ray Allen runs off screens and picks hitting threes left and right, Paul Pierce is a great isolation player and can knock down shots, and Garnett still is a very good low post player who can pick and pop with the best of them. With all of that, that I just listed, Rondo should be putting up big numbers. Why do you ask? Well because nobody is worried about Rondo via doubling or whatever. He plays with an open court. You put Jameer Nelson, Raymond Felton and other younger effective point guards on that team and I can pretty much guarantee that they would put up similar and maybe better numbers than Rondo.

You don't think the pick and roll with Jameer and Kg wouldn't be the meanest thing going. Jameer could pass the rock to Ray Allen or get out of Paul Pierce's way when he is doing his iso thing. All I'm saying is when we start putting Rondo on that list of truly special young guards like Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul, lets just make sure that he can carry a workload like those guards can. Just food for thought.