Thursday, December 15, 2011

Picks and Fantasy Football advice for week 15

What's up folks,

Man we're back. I'm sorry about the nice little break we had but it was really needed. Let me say this. We are really appreciate the support by all of you. The Urban Sports Scene has done better than what any of us cast members could even imagine. We give you all major props for riding with us. Now to our picks

Now here are our week 15 picks

Det vs. Oak (We all picked Detroit)
NE vs. Denver (We all picked New England)
Bal vs. SD (Wally and Will: picked SD and Ray picked: Bal)
Pitt vs. SF (Wally and Will: SF and Ray: Pitt)

Now our current standings so far.

Will 16-16
Ray 11-21
Wally 9-23

This isn't even close. Will has a big lead over everybody. So currently it seems like out of the three of us Will T is the man to listen to. He is a safe picker and Ray and I (Wally) live on the edge. Anyway check out our fantasy football advice for week 15. I won't lie our fantasy advice this season has been on point. So you may want to listen since this is playoff time in many of your leagues.


Start: Packers Defense
Sit: Broncos Defense
Sleeper: Vincent Brown


Start: Antonio Gates
Sit: Ryan Matthews
Sleeper: Beanie Wells


Start: Blaine Gabbert
Sit: Roy Helu
Sleeper: Willis Mcgahee

Now if you listen to us, I see a fantasy football championship in your futures. Thanks for reading our picks blog and check out the Urban Sports Scene Podcast. Check out episode 84 below, there we explain why would made our week 15 picks and fantasy choices:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Picks and Fantasy Football advice for week 11

What's up folks,

We are at it again. Last week was a struggle for the crew on the Urban Sports Scene podcast. In week 10 the crew picked from these four games: Steelers vs. Bengals (Steelers won), Saints vs. Falcons (Saints won), Giants vs. 49ers (49ers won), Patriots vs. Jets (Jets won). Here are the results: Ray and Will picked the Steelers and Wally picked the Bengal. We all picked the Falcons. Wally was the only one to pick the 49ers and we all picked the Jets. Everybody on the set went 1-3 last week. Obviously, this was not a good performance by the team but we will make it up this week.

Now here are our week 11 picks

Bengals vs. Ravens (Wally: Bengals and Will and Ray: Ravens)
Titans vs. Falcons (We all picked the Falcons)
Chargers vs. Bears (Wally and Ray: Chargers and Will: Bears)
Eagles vs. Giants (Wally and Will: Eagles and Ray: Giants)

Now our current standings so far:

Will 9-15
Ray 6-18
Wally 5-19

I know we are sad. Anyway check out Wally's fantasy football advice

Start: Jets Defense
Sit: Carson Palmer
Sleeper: Chad Johnson (Ochocinco)

Thanks for reading our picks blog and check out the Urban Sports Scene Podcast. Check out
episode 82 below:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 9 predictions

Hello folks, week 8 of the NFL had nothing but upsets. It was a very exciting week. The Rams beat the Saints and near upsets already the league. Here are our last week predictions.

Redskins vs. Bills(Ray and Wally: Redskins and Will: Bills) Bills won
Patriots vs. Steelers (We all picked the Patriots)Steelers won
Cowboys vs. Eagles (Will and Wally: Eagles and Ray: Cowboys) Eagles won
Chargers vs. Chiefs (We all picked the Chargers) Chiefs won

Our records and standings go a little like this.

Will 6-10
Ray 5-11
Wally 4-12

I know that our records seem horrible. But we are choosing from 4 of the toughest games every week. Fox, CBS, ESPN, or the NFL network choose from easy and hard games. We have heart; no cupcakes over here. Here are our predictions for week 9

Giants vs. Patriots (We all picked the Patriots)
Packers vs. Chargers (Ray and Wally: Chargers and Will: Packers)
Ravens vs. Steelers (Ray and Wally: Steelers and Will: Ravens)
Bears vs. Eagles (We all picked the Eagles)

You can listen to why we picked those games here:

Let's also recap on our fantasy football advice last week (Wally and Will)


Wally- Knowshon Moreno RB Den 69 yards rushing
Will- Braylon Edwards WR SF 42 yards receiving


Wally- Ryan Fitzpatrick 262 passing yards 2 TDs and an INT
Will- Matt Cassel 261 yards a TD and 2 ints and a fumble


Wally- Early Doucet: 20 yards receiving and a TD
Will- Visanthe Shiancoe 37 receiving yards

Our fantasy picks last week were suspect as you can tell but I promise that this week will be improved. We've actually have had a good year giving advice. Here is week 9s advice by Ray and Wally.


Ray: Oakland's Defense
Wally: Phillip Rivers (QB SD)


Ray: Chris Johnson (RB Titans)
Wally: Jackie Battle (RB Chiefs)


Ray: Pierre Garcon (WR Colts)
Wally: Roy Williams (WR Bears)

If you would like to hear the reasons why just listen to last weeks show (podbean player above.

Thanks for checking out our blog and don't forget to check out our podcast Urban Sports Scene.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Sports Scene picks of the week and last week recap

What's up folks. First off thanks for supporting the Urban Sports Scene, last week the standings were Will and Ray were tied for first place with 4-4 records and Waleo was last with a horrible 1-7 record. Let's see what happen during week 7 of the NFL.

SD vs. the Jets (We all picked the Chargers-wrong)
Falcons vs. the Lions (Ray: Lions, Will and Waleo: Lions; Wally and Will-wrong)
Bears vs. Buccaneers ( Wally: Bears, Ray and Will picked Buccaneers-wrong)
Houston vs. Tennessee (Wally: Texans, Ray and Will picked: Tennessee-wrong)

Now the standings have changed. Waleo still in last and Ray is now in first.

Ray 5-7
Will 4-8
Wally 3-9

What does this mean? We are not great at picking games. LOL

Here are our slate of games this week.

Redskins vs. Bills (Ray and Wally: Redskins and Will: Bills)
Patriots vs. Steelers (All picked the Patriots)
Cowboys vs. Eagles (Will and Wally picked: Eagles and Ray: Cowboys)
Chargers vs. Chiefs (All picked the Chargers)

Fantasy Football

Let's see how Ray and Will did with their fantasy picks for week 7

Ray- Dallas Defense held the Rams to 7 points 1 sack and 1 int and 1 Fumble rec)
Will- Hardesty (RB-Cle) 95 rushing yards

Ray-Maurice Jones Drew (RB Jax) 105 passing yards, 3 lost fumbles
Will- Shiancoe (TE vikings) 45 receiving yards and 1 TD.

Ray- Matt Ryan (QB ATL) 218 passing yards 1 pass TD; rushing TD and 2 int
Will- Dallas Clark (TE Ind) no catches no yards.

Again what does this prove? That you shouldn't listen to us when it comes to fantasy football either at the moment LOL. But if you still want to give us a chance here are our week 8 fantasy football advice (Wally and Will)

Wally- Moreno (RB Denver)
Will- Braylon Edwards (WR SF)

Wally: Ryan FitzPatrick (QB Buffalo)
Will: Matt Cassel (QB Chiefs)

Wally: Early Doucet (WR Cardinals)
Will: Shiancoe (TE Vikings)

Let's see if we are right this week. Thanks for checking out our blog and don't forget to check out our podcast Urban Sports Scene.

Here is the new Podcast below....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pick against us if you can

Urban Sports Scene started officially picking games during week 4 (NFL).

Detroit vs. Dallas (Will picked: Detroit, Ray picked: Dallas, Waleo: Detroit)
Pittsburgh vs. Houston ( Will picked: Pit, Ray picked: Hou, Waleo picked: Pit)
New England vs. Oakland (Will picked: Oak, Ray picked: NE, Waleo picked: Oak)
New york Jets vs. Baltimore (Will picked: Bmore, Ray picked: NYJ, Waleo picked: NYJ)

The record after week 3 was Will 2-2, Ray 2-2, and Waleo is at the bottom with a 1-3 record.

Now after week 4 let's see if anything has changed.

Eagles vs. Bills (Everybody picked the Eagles)
Jets vs. Patriots ( Will picked: Patriots, Ray picked: Patriots, Waleo picked: Jets)
Packers vs. Falcons ( Will picked: Packers, Ray picked: Falcons, Waleo picked: Falcons)

Bears vs. Lions (Will picked: Bears, Ray picked: Lions, Waleo picked: Bears)

After week 5 here are the standings.

Will 4-4
Waleo 1-7

It's a two man race. For information check out the Urban Sports Scene Podcast

And here is our last podcast.