Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Sports Scene picks of the week and last week recap

What's up folks. First off thanks for supporting the Urban Sports Scene, last week the standings were Will and Ray were tied for first place with 4-4 records and Waleo was last with a horrible 1-7 record. Let's see what happen during week 7 of the NFL.

SD vs. the Jets (We all picked the Chargers-wrong)
Falcons vs. the Lions (Ray: Lions, Will and Waleo: Lions; Wally and Will-wrong)
Bears vs. Buccaneers ( Wally: Bears, Ray and Will picked Buccaneers-wrong)
Houston vs. Tennessee (Wally: Texans, Ray and Will picked: Tennessee-wrong)

Now the standings have changed. Waleo still in last and Ray is now in first.

Ray 5-7
Will 4-8
Wally 3-9

What does this mean? We are not great at picking games. LOL

Here are our slate of games this week.

Redskins vs. Bills (Ray and Wally: Redskins and Will: Bills)
Patriots vs. Steelers (All picked the Patriots)
Cowboys vs. Eagles (Will and Wally picked: Eagles and Ray: Cowboys)
Chargers vs. Chiefs (All picked the Chargers)

Fantasy Football

Let's see how Ray and Will did with their fantasy picks for week 7

Ray- Dallas Defense held the Rams to 7 points 1 sack and 1 int and 1 Fumble rec)
Will- Hardesty (RB-Cle) 95 rushing yards

Ray-Maurice Jones Drew (RB Jax) 105 passing yards, 3 lost fumbles
Will- Shiancoe (TE vikings) 45 receiving yards and 1 TD.

Ray- Matt Ryan (QB ATL) 218 passing yards 1 pass TD; rushing TD and 2 int
Will- Dallas Clark (TE Ind) no catches no yards.

Again what does this prove? That you shouldn't listen to us when it comes to fantasy football either at the moment LOL. But if you still want to give us a chance here are our week 8 fantasy football advice (Wally and Will)

Wally- Moreno (RB Denver)
Will- Braylon Edwards (WR SF)

Wally: Ryan FitzPatrick (QB Buffalo)
Will: Matt Cassel (QB Chiefs)

Wally: Early Doucet (WR Cardinals)
Will: Shiancoe (TE Vikings)

Let's see if we are right this week. Thanks for checking out our blog and don't forget to check out our podcast Urban Sports Scene.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pick against us if you can

Urban Sports Scene started officially picking games during week 4 (NFL).

Detroit vs. Dallas (Will picked: Detroit, Ray picked: Dallas, Waleo: Detroit)
Pittsburgh vs. Houston ( Will picked: Pit, Ray picked: Hou, Waleo picked: Pit)
New England vs. Oakland (Will picked: Oak, Ray picked: NE, Waleo picked: Oak)
New york Jets vs. Baltimore (Will picked: Bmore, Ray picked: NYJ, Waleo picked: NYJ)

The record after week 3 was Will 2-2, Ray 2-2, and Waleo is at the bottom with a 1-3 record.

Now after week 4 let's see if anything has changed.

Eagles vs. Bills (Everybody picked the Eagles)
Jets vs. Patriots ( Will picked: Patriots, Ray picked: Patriots, Waleo picked: Jets)
Packers vs. Falcons ( Will picked: Packers, Ray picked: Falcons, Waleo picked: Falcons)

Bears vs. Lions (Will picked: Bears, Ray picked: Lions, Waleo picked: Bears)

After week 5 here are the standings.

Will 4-4
Waleo 1-7

It's a two man race. For information check out the Urban Sports Scene Podcast

And here is our last podcast.