Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life after the NFL lockout

Professional football, specifically the NFL is by FAR the most popular sport in the United States and growing all over the globe. I believe a huge part of why it's so popular is because the dudes wear helmets. Without helmets, a lot of these dudes are scary looking. I mean seriously, after most of them retire, they don't become Herschel Walker, they get fat! (ask Brian Mitchell). Imagine Marshawn Lynch after retirement, people are going to mistake him for T-Pain (Ima take you home with me!) lol. Darnell Dockett will get mistaken for Wocka Flocka lol I could go on all day.

Anyway back to my point, the NFL is most popular but is about to put that in jeopardy by this locking out after this season. Most would agree that lockouts don't help popularity, ask the NHL (who still ain't on ESPN). So what I'm here to tell you is what my plan would be after the lockout. The main thing the NFL will need to do in my opinion is spend less, attract more fans, and obviously increase revenue. So I know your thinking by now get to the point. I AM! Here we go:

(drum roll please)

You restructure the divisions! Yes I know it sounds simple, but hear me out and check out this plan. Let's quickly go division by division. First the NFC east. My

NFC East would look as follows: Pittsburgh, Philly, Washington, and B More.

Next the AFC east: New England, NY Giants, Buffalo, NY Jets.

Can you see what I'm getting at here, less travel equals less money spent and you gain interest by creating new rivalries within states. I know some will argue that this will ruin traditions such as skins/boys, but after a lock out people will want to watch and what a better way to stir the pot. Skins/Ravens will be a rivalry! And for all you locals, ya'll remember skins/steelers in Carlyle,PA on Fox 5 with Buckhantz lol. Okay let's rap this up, here are the remaining divisions including 2 new ones:

AFC Midwest: Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit - This could be a disaster if Stafford and Bradford don't work out.

NFC Midwest: Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinatti, and Minnesota

AFC South: New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville - Again creating new rivalries, no one would remember skins/cowboys once the texans start whoopin up on them boys.

NFC South: ATL, Carolina, Miami, Tampa Bay

NFC West: Oakland, San Fran, San Diego, Seattle
Now for the final division. If your not already adamantly disagreeing or shaking your head, this may cause you to do both. Now hear me out on the final division.

AFC West: Denver, Arizona, Green Bay, Tennessee
Green Bay has a huge following arguably the best fans in the league, revenue won't be an issue so why not put them in the wackest division. Lastly it still will result in equal or less travel for teams like Denver and AZ.

So there it is, my master plan for after the lockout. Less travel, increased interest by creating in state rivalries, and most importantly increased revenue. I talked to a guy recently who said "I don't like football, but I'm from Baltimore so I had to root for my Ravens over the Redskins, I hate Washington". It's that simple! The NFL will find themselves back on top in no time without losing any money.

Ray Rogers


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brian McNamee, Is he baseball's "Super Head"?

Karrine Steffans aka "super head" is known for a lot of diverse talents and abilities. So is Brian McNamee. One administered the injections and the other received, lol you figure out which one. In all seriousness though there is obvious similarities and both are considered "snitches". However unlike Steffans, McNamee may have actually done something positive in my opinion for two main reasons.

FIRST REASON: I hate to bring race into this discussion, but it plays a huge role in my opinion because in spite of the many players who have used PED's Barry Bonds a BLACK man was by far the most demonized (YES even more than A Rod). So when McNamee comes out with his story, FINALLY a prominent Caucasian athlete was being attacked and demonized the same way by the media. And don't get it twisted I'm not racist (I can't be I'm half white), but did you see the hearings? Black democrat Elijah Cummings from Maryland and democrats in general are drilling Clemens. Republicans drilled McNamee. We all know that African Americans are largely democrats, so is this not a great indicator of what I'm talking about?? McNamee's story also made sense, I mean Andy Pettitte confirmed some of his testimony without hearing it. Additionally Chuck Knoblauch along with Pettitte admitted to being injected by McNamee, but not Clemens.

Anyway my second reason is I think McNamee along with the Mitchell report will help the game of baseball going forward. Now guys like Stephen Strasburg and David Price will have clean successful careers. Hopefully today's players have learned and are learning from the mistakes of guys such as Clemens, Bonds, and Palmeiro.
Also the word "snitch" is such a dumb term, but so common amongst all cultures and starts from childhood for most (tattle tell). However McNamee appears to be simply speaking truth/facts and not doing any of this for personal gain unlike "super head". I just feel like it can't be for personal gain because let's be real who wants a "snitch" for a trainer. I'm not condoning the term, but it is what it is.

The whole comparison is actually hilarious, Steffans does tip drills, McNamee does batting drills lol. Look out for Brian McNamee on TV one, "Life After Roger Clemens" lol. It's crazy, but again McNamee does not appear to be a rat. He looks like someone who was honest when asked questions, which is something we all want to teach our children, to be people of honesty and integrity. So if you have a negative opinion of Brian McNamee, hopefully this made you reconsider. Ray Rogers


Friday, August 20, 2010

Should Randall Cunningham be in the Hall of Fame?

By Waleo aka Wally

Well since we did a show on it, I’m going to continue the movement. How come Randall Cunningham hasn’t been included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? It’s a freaking mystery to me. Cunningham was a trendsetter. He was an innovator in terms of the quarterback position. Off that alone, he should get some consideration. Let’s be real, if there wasn’t a Randall Cunningham there will be no Michael Vick, Daunte Culpepper, Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Donavan McNabb, Steve Young, and the late Steve McNair. Cunningham has influenced a lot of past, current and future players and yet he gets no consideration. If you look at Cunningham’s resume, you would think he was a Hall of Famer in my opinion.

While playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, Cunningham never played with all-pro talent on the offensive side of the ball. He played with a young Cris Carter for three seasons who, at the time, was going through some things back then. So it was fair to say back then Cunningham’s weapons of choice were fullback Keith Byars and tight end Keith Jackson. I just mentioned a fullback and TE to describe Cunningham’s weapons. Too Funny! Now be patient with me I’m just creating a scene or scenario. Now can you compare that cast of characters to Steve Young’s crew of Ricky Waters, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones, and John Taylor, or Aikman’s cast of Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Jay Novacek. Don’t forget before Steve Young became a 49er, he was a bum in Tampa Bay. Darn being around talented folks sure hides a lot of flaws. While Cunningham was given receivers like Calvin Williams, and Fred Barnett. Yeah, I know household names. Cunningham has won 3 MVPs in his career two with the Eagles and one with the Minnesota Vikings (in 1988 Bert Bell MVP Award, 1990 Bert Bell MVP Award, and Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP Award and 1998 Newspaper Enterprise Association NFL MVP). Now compare that to some of the Hall of Famers out there at the QB position like Troy Aikman.

Aikman won three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. And in my opinion he is a Hall of Famer but what makes him better than Cunningham. Let’s check out the stats. Here are Aikman’s stats: 32,942 passing yards, 61.5 completion percentage, TD-INT 165-141, and a 81.6 passer rating. Now let’s list Cunningham’s stats: 29,979 passing yards, 56.6 completion percentage, TD-INT 207-134, 81.5 passer rating, and just to throw this in 4,928 rushing yards (all-time leading rusher among quarterbacks). The difference between the two is that Cunningham was the sole threat on offense for the Philadelphia Eagles and Aikman was one of four. Cunningham was comparable to a Lebron James back then. Even with a great defense, if Cunningham wasn’t magical then the Eagles couldn’t win. Aikman could have thrown multiple interceptions but Smith could hold it down or Irvin could take a 10 yard pass and take it to the house. Cunningham wasn’t afforded with that luxury. And then the one time he is surrounded by talented players in Minnesota, with Robert Smith, Jake Reed, Randy Moss, and Cris Carter, he shattered records. At the time, Cunningham and company scored 556 points and broke the record for most points scored in the regular season. If it wasn’t for Gary Anderson that year I may not be writing this blog. You football fans know what I’m talking about. Now should Cunningham be punished for being forced to be flawless every Sunday (Philly)? I think not. Aikman didn’t have to carry a whole offense or team on his shoulders. Cunningham did. The messed up thing is a lot of analyst are saying that Kurt Warner deserves it. This dude played with Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Marshall Faulk, and put up big numbers. Then went to The Giants who didn’t have supreme talent and he failed! Finally he ended up in Arizona and teamed up with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. That is ridiculous! Like I said earlier, playing with talented players can be misleading. But that is what happens when you have sportswriters determine the Hall of Fame. Maybe with this blog thing I can help Cunningham get in.

I’m going to start a let’s get Randall Cunningham into the Hall of Fame Movement. If you are down leave a comment or just email us at Change.da.game6@gmail.com, or tweet Peter King www.twitter.com/SI_PeterKing (SI_PeterKing) on Twitter. You can also tweet us www.twitter.com/UrbanSportScene (UrbanSportscene). Check out the Urban Sports Scene